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About Literature / Hobbyist Julie Elaine WinchesterFemale/United States Group :iconmlpsonicexpansionrp: MLPSonicExpansionRP
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Name: Ursavior
Type: :iconGrasstypeplz: / :iconPsychictypeplz:
Base Status: 536
HP: 98
Attack: 94
Defense: 104
Speed: 82
Special Attack: 88
Special Defense: 130
Moves by Level: Healing Force(1; Heals half the damage dealt to the opponent to anyone on Ursavior's side, including Ursavior, and has a 10% chance to heal status effects if HP is full), Leafage(1), Confusion(1), Teleport(1), Psywave(8), Leech Seed(14), Draining Kiss(17), Moonlight(21), Heal Pulse(24), Power Swap(27), Grassy Terrain(30), Giga Drain(34), Aromatherapy(35), Wood Hammer(37), Heal Block(40), Psycho Shift(45), Extrasensory(49), Recover(53), Aura Sphere(57), Healing Wish(64), Solar Beam(70), Healing Force(78)
Manual Moves: Psyshock(TM03), Calm Mind(TM04), Toxic(TM06), Bulk Up(TM08), Hidden Power(TM10), Light Screen(TM16), Protect(TM17), Frustration(TM21), Solar Beam(TM22), Return(TM27), Psychic(TM29), Double Team(TM32) Reflect(TM33), Facade(TM42), Rest(TM44), Attract(TM45), Low Sweep(TM47), Round(TM48), Focus Blast(TM
:iconpyrode:pyrode 1 2
Name: Spectreon
Type: :iconghosttypeplz:
Base Stats: 525
HP: 65
Attack (atk): 95
Defense(def): 130
Special Attack(satk): 65
Special Defense(sdef): 110
Speed(spe): 60
Moves by Level: Shadow Sneak(L1), Confuse Ray(L1), Helping Hand(L1), Tackle(L1), Tail Whip(L1), Shadow Sneak(Evo.), Confuse Ray(Evo.), Sand Attack(L5), Baby-Doll Eyes(L9), Quick Attack(L13), Swift(L17), Shadow Punch(L20), Ominous Wind(L25), Night Shade(29), Hex(L33), Phantom Force(L37), Last Resort(L41), Grudge(L45)
Manual Moves: (TMs)Work Up, Psyshock, Calm Mind, Toxic, Hidden Power, Sunny Day, Taunt, Hyper Beam, Protect, Rain Dance, Frustration, Return, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Double Team, Reflect, Torment, Facade, Rest, Attract, Round, Echoed Voice, Shadow Claw, Payback, Giga Impact, Psych Up, Dream Eater, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Snarl, Dark Pulse, Confide
(Egg Moves)Captivate, Charm, Covet, Curse, Detect, Endure, Fake Tears, Flail, Natural Gift, Stored Power, Synchronise, Tickle, Wish, Yawn
(Tutoring)Ally Switch
:iconpyrode:pyrode 1 0
Mature content
Inflation is Cheap :iconpyrode:pyrode 4 0
Julie Winchester by pyrode Julie Winchester :iconpyrode:pyrode 1 5 [BIRTHDAY GIFT] Kaito x Aisu by pyrode [BIRTHDAY GIFT] Kaito x Aisu :iconpyrode:pyrode 3 4 Julie Winchester by pyrode Julie Winchester :iconpyrode:pyrode 4 0
Mature content
An Alphys WG Story :iconpyrode:pyrode 23 12
Name: Lithion
Type: :iconSteeltypeplz:
Base Stats: 522
HP: 56
Attack (atk): 81
Defense(def): 134
Special Attack(satk): 90
Special Defense(sdef): 71
Speed(spe): 90
Moves by Level: Scratch(L1), Growl(L1), Tail Whip(L1), Thunder Shock(L5), Quick Attack(L7), Thunder Fang(L9), Metal Claw(L11), Parabolic Charge(L14), Double Team(L17), Headbutt(L20), Fury Swipes(L23), Electric Terrain(L26), Mean Look(L30), Slash(L34), Iron Head(L37), Noble Roar(L41), Iron Tail(L43), Flash Cannon(L44), Discharge(L47), Extreme Speed(L57), Thunder(L63)
Manual Moves: (TMs)Roar, Toxic, Hidden Power, Hyper Beam, Protect, Frustration, Thunder, Return, Double Team, Facade, Rest, Attract, Round, Thunder Wave, Gyro Ball, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Flash Cannon, Secret Power, Confide
(Egg Moves)Iron Tail, Mean Look, Copycat, Fury Swipes, Quick Attack, Slam, Slash, Electric Terrain, Ion Deluge, Magnet Rise, Discharge, Thunder Fang
(Move Tutor)Signal Beam, Magnet Rise
Egg Group: Field
Abilities: Charge Up(Lithion ch
:iconpyrode:pyrode 2 0
The Fire-Type Starter of Orum: Akoalta
Name: Akoalta
Type: :iconFiretypeplz:
Base Stats: 311
HP: 43
Attack (atk): 54
Defense(def): 40
Special Attack(satk): 82
Special Defense(sdef): 66
Speed(spe): 27
Moves by Level: Scratch(L1), Tail Whip(L1), Ember(L1), Smokescreen(L6), Lick(L8), Astonish(L11), Fire Spin(L20), Bite(L22), Lucky Chant(L25), Swift(L31), Flamethrower(L37), Will-O-Wisp(L43), Inferno(L46), Fire Blast(L49), Rollout(L55), Burn Up(L58)
Manual Moves: (TMs)Work Up, Psyshock, Toxic, Hidden Power, Sunny Day, Protect, Rain Dance, Safeguard,  Frustration, Solar Beam, Return, Double Team, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Aerial Ace, Facade, Flame Charge, Attract, Thief, Round, Echoed Voice, Overheat, Will-O-Wisp, Embargo, Psych Up, Grass Knot, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Wild Charge, Nature Power, Confide
(Egg Moves)Covet, Crush Claw, Double Kick, Double-Edge, Extrasensory, Flame Burst, Flare Blitz, Foresight, Fury Swipes, Howl, Nature Power, Quick Attack, Reversal, Thrash, Heat Wave, Wish
(Tutor)Fire Pl
:iconpyrode:pyrode 4 0
Name: Draceon
Type: :icondragontypeplz:
Base Stats: 525
HP: 65
Attack (atk): 95
Defense(def): 65
Special Attack(satk): 130
Special Defense(sdef): 110
Speed(spe): 60
Moves by Level: Twister(L1, Evo.), Dual Chop(L1), Helping Hand(L1), Tackle(L1), Tail Whip(L1), Sand Attack(L5), Baby-Doll Eyes(L9), Quick Attack(L13), Dragon Breath(L17), Bite(L20), Dragon Tail(L25), Hone Claws(L29), Flatter(L33), Dragon Dance(L37), Last Resort(L41), Dragon Rush(L45)
Manual Moves: Work Up, Roar, Toxic, Hidden Power, Sunny Day, Hyper Beam, Protect, Rain Dance, Frustration, Return, Shadow Ball, Double Team, Facade, Rest, Attract, Round, Echoed Voice, Giga Impact, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Confide, Dragon Tail, Captivate, Charm, Covet, Curse, Detect, Endure, Fake Tears, Flail, Natural Gift, Stored Power, Synchronoise, Tickle, Wish, Yawn
Egg Group: Field
Abilities: Intimidate, Marvel Scale(Hidden Ability)
Species: Draconic Pokémon
Dex Entry: It tends to be both very antisocial and territorial. If it
:iconpyrode:pyrode 2 0
We Are Number One but it's Ace by pyrode We Are Number One but it's Ace :iconpyrode:pyrode 2 0
Xaoc Character Application
Name: Xaoc Hwitely
Race/Species: German Shepherd
Gender: Male
Age: 22
DOB: June 17
Appearance: Xaoc is a white german shepherd wolf with short hair combed to the side, blue eyes, and long, sharp teeth. He has a lean bodybuild, and many scars over his body due to his refusal to wear real armor.
Personality: Xaoc is a fighter at heart, a genius in the art of combat. Had he actually been in the military, he'd be consider a military genius, in fact. Whereas his sister is a pacifist, Xaoc is aggression incarnate, easily angered with a frequently twisted definition of 'fun'. He wouldn't kill unless he found it absolutely necessary, but his aggressive, brash, and generally hard-headed nature pushes people away regardless, you can imagine. He's a showoff, frequently putting his life in danger to show how he's the best, and even then, Xaoc is so confident in his abilities that he would limit himself while doing so. "Basically, take my swords, I'm going to beat the crap out of this person in the
:iconpyrode:pyrode 0 0
Bonnie Character Application
Name: Bonnie Hwitely
Race/Species: German Shepherd
Gender: Female
Age: 22
DOB: June 17
Appearance: Bonnie is a pure white german shepherd. With long, thick hair flowing down her back and around her shoulders, she gives off an aura of calm and serenity. She always looks tired and is almost always smiling, her mouth being long, with a black nose at the very end. Her blue eyes help to make her seem more innocent, not that it's needed, and her floppy ears only add to it. In general, she is very unthreatening in appearance, and it's not only despite her size, but it also plays a part of her being so unthreatening. She's big, at only 1.68 meters tall, she's a heavy 147.15 kg, large with a somewhat bell-shaped figure. Her thick, fluffy tail extends behind her at all times, poking through a hole in most pants or dresses she wears. She's a puppy, looking almost like a dangerously overstuffed toy you'd make at Build-A-Bear workshop.
Personality: Bonnie tends toward pacifism. She doesn't want to
:iconpyrode:pyrode 0 0
Arcturus 'Pyro' Telesis Character Application
Name: Arcturus Telesis
Titles: The Fiery Vivacity
Nicknames: Pyro, Aidan Winchester(Fake name), Warmonger(After accidentally starting a war by literally stepping over boundaries)
Age: 17
Race: Anthropomorphic Tristitian Bald Eagle
Gender: Male
Height: 140 cm
Weight: 42.3 kg
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Hair: White feathers
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: "Fragile Speedster"
Level of Expertise(as according to this scale ) : 6 - Advanced
Profession(s)/Job: Vigilante Monster Hunter, Former Pizzaria Camera Installer
Wealth Status: Lower Class - Lower-Middle Class
Dwelling Place/Current Home: For stories and RPs with :iconilluminar2: he is currently living with Galenawre "Bluestille" Ylviro; otherwise he is living in a small, cheap apartment in Tantibus, Tristitia
Birthplace: Sliam, Tristitia
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Weapons: Shazbeth, two punching whip blades made from a hunted dragon and passed d
:iconpyrode:pyrode 2 0
Nyala by pyrode Nyala :iconpyrode:pyrode 2 1
Mature content
[Fallout 4 Expansion] Piper Puffs Up [COMMISSION] :iconpyrode:pyrode 51 2

Random Favourites

AT: Whos big and bloated now by Imagine23 AT: Whos big and bloated now :iconimagine23:Imagine23 17 4 insta-CRAVE, pt. 1 by RuneyPickles insta-CRAVE, pt. 1 :iconruneypickles:RuneyPickles 45 17 Lola Bulks Up by bestthe
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Big Baby + Dat Fire 1 :iconbestthe:bestthe 187 3
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Emi Isuzu so far :icondoormaster:doormaster 95 2
My Favourite Balloon Party
(or, "Illogical, Gratuitous Inflation with Hot Celebrity Chicks")
_____________by Alec Deluxe________________________
     It began as just another balloon party with my closest--and most revealingly dressed--friends and acquaintances: Jessica Alba, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and Mandy Moore.  We got together, as we often did, to blow up balloons.  Sometimes we'd race to see who could pop them first; other times I'd sit leisurely back and watch these beautiful mouths and sexy lips inflate their balloons larger and larger, as their cheeks rounded out lovingly from the puffing.  I'm not above saying that I found the whole scenario a tad arousing.
     I didn't know at the beginning of this particular balloon party that not everyone would be leaving in one piece.
     We were having our usual fun, all sitting around
:iconalecdeluxe:Alecdeluxe 221 43
Family Guy WG Pricilla and Meg
Family Guy WG: Priscilla and Meg
In the James Woods Mansion after the murder of Stephanie had taken place. All of the guests split up into teams. Unfortunately for Priscilla she had gotten stuck with Meg. Silently they walked down the corridor looking for clues or any signs of the killer. "This mansion is huge! The killer could be anywhere!" said Meg. Priscilla didn't feel like striking up a conversation with her so she replied with the usual "Shut up, Meg." Slowly turning around the corner to be careful. "No surprises." said Pricilla. 
Suddenly there was a 'thump' heard in a nearby room. Meg and Pricilla quickly rushed into the source of the noise. Flicking on the light switch the room it was weird. There was already a dining room on the first floor but this was smaller. "Why is there a cake in here?" asked Meg looking at the massive cake in the middle of the table. "What the hell?!?" growled Pricilla. She tried to open up the door but the knob wouldn't twist. With a flash of lig
:icony45w7:y45w7 48 8
allergies and inflations in hyrule by D-MENTE6 allergies and inflations in hyrule :icond-mente6:D-MENTE6 133 12 Pull to Inflate by KonekoRyu Pull to Inflate :iconkonekoryu:KonekoRyu 254 38 V-Day Sketch - Flame Princess by kawaiidebu V-Day Sketch - Flame Princess :iconkawaiidebu:kawaiidebu 541 70
Mature content
Sakura's Inflation :iconplazmazword:PlazmaZword 66 3
Amy's Sinister Trap On Sonic by ToferTheAkita Amy's Sinister Trap On Sonic :icontofertheakita:ToferTheAkita 44 13 A Princess's Thrist... by ToferTheAkita A Princess's Thrist... :icontofertheakita:ToferTheAkita 212 12 Shirley Fenette's Bad Day... by ToferTheAkita Shirley Fenette's Bad Day... :icontofertheakita:ToferTheAkita 53 14


Short Stories
A short story of approximately 2000 words. 
What I will or want do is somewhat vague and mostly depends on the commission.
We can discuss it in notes if you have any questions or if I have any problems. 




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Julie Elaine Winchester
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am a writer, character designer, and game designer. I am also a major procrastinator. I love big guys and girls, and I am a fan of Sonic, Super Mario Brothers, Pokemon, and Legend of Zelda.
Take not of a few other things:
I am not the nicest person, nor am I the happiest.
Have a smile. :iconsmileplz:

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I don't condone the things some of my friends have been doing (Meme3 especially), but I've at least told them to stop this nonsense.

And if I could speak to James without him ignoring every word I say, judging every thing I do, taking every letter out of context, I would. But he's irrational.

And I would hope you, the person who actually, at some point in time, decided to leave him, would have the brains to realize that what he's doing is wrong.

I understand you might... send me a nasty reply and then block me, report me to dA and mock me. But if you have brains to notice that James is obsessed, than maybe I was wrong about you.

-Andrew (Archie)
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And after awhile, he'd abuse my sympathy when I blocked him. If I "blocked" him, I wouldn't truly block him. That way he could still view my art. Nobody deserves to be blocked from art pieces. And he'd use that time to talk to me. Weasel his way back into my life. And for what? To harass and abuse me all over again.

It got to the point where I couldn't trust myself anymore. I would tell myself "I'm gonna block him this time, I mean it." But every time I'd let him back into my life, until my friends finally had enough and spoke up for me. They helped me where James did not.

And the only reason I'm having an issue with him, is because I made a joke about leaving James behind, by printing out a picture of his face, and taping it to a firecracker. That's all I did, and he blew it way out of proportion.
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Also, fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.
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